Embark on a journey in the enigmatic world of Azure Unseen, a shattered realm of floating islands and ancient mysteries. As a young scientist, your wit and intelligence will guide you through the Age of Exploration, a time of primeval secrets and azure horizons.

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Craft your own destiny, shape characters and skills, and uncover hidden paths as you navigate a world where every choice defines not just your adventure, but the very fabric of past and future events.

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In this intricate narrative RPG, embrace the challenge of point and click gameplay, where you must unravel the legacy of a lost civilization while navigating competing nations, harnessing relics, and unearthing the forgotten truths of the past.

What to expect:

A unique blend of simple narrative-based Point & Click controls with deep, organic RPG-like progression. Your choices will mold both your character and the overarching narrative. Determine your path, decide whom to ally with, and carve out a reputation for your character across 4+ distinct endings and unique playthroughs.