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"Welcome to the planet Terrahive. A planet that never should have existed. Completely encrusted in a disease called humanity. Corporate arcologies and space elevators shadow the layers of polluted man-made edifices. Overseen by ancient brains on apparatuses and driven by greed, corruption, progress, and immortality."

- John Cooper

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Embark on a journey in the enigmatic world of Azure Unseen, a shattered realm of floating islands and ancient mysteries. As a young scientist, your wit and intelligence will guide you through the Age of Exploration, a time of primeval secrets and azure horizons.

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who are we?

Bohemian Pulp was founded by Djordje and Jasmina Markovic. It started as a passion project based on Djordje’s idea for a short point-and-click detective game. Over time, this idea grew into a full-scale game with new twists on the genre. Today, Bohemian Pulp has a team of five, along with two additional collaborators.